Offering Full-Service RPM

Verustat offers a complete ecosystem for remote patient care: connected medical devices, cloud storage, a comprehensive care portal, and a proprietary STAT-Phone Communication Hub – all HIPAA compliant and backed with the watchful support of our live care coordinators. We can even handle billing!

Our remote care coordinators function as an extension of your staff.

Our remote care coordinators function as an extension of your staff.

Verustat’s trained care coordinators are the heartbeat our advanced remote patient monitoring platform. We promote trust between patient and provider, alleviating your staff of time-consuming tasks.

Ensuring patient compliance

Care Coordinators ensure compliance by viewing and acting on alerts and patient data collected. We document all communication and track time spent with each patient.

Friendly troubleshooting

If a patient or caregiver needs help with a device, one of our trained care coordinators will help get them back on track.

Quick response time

If a patient deviates from their care plan or a reading falls outside the provider’s prescribed range, we will promptly notify the patient or caregiver and engage the provider.

Empowering you with the latest biometric data at your fingertips.

Verustat’s integrated HIPAA-compliant online portal and app allow you and your patient instant access to the most current data so you can monitor trends and save on costs.

Filters and alerts allow you to focus on the
patients who need attention.

STAT-Phone Communication Hub streamlines your patients' remote care.

Verustat’s proprietary STAT-Phone Communication Hub automatically captures and reports data and serves as a connection with Care Coordinators and clinical staff. Patients can text and talk on an exclusive phone line, while remote-in and automatic pairing with other Verustat devices makes the Stat-Phone Communication Hub easy to use. Every patient is eligible to receive a STAT-Phone Communication Hub.

Different patients require different devices. We’ve got you covered.

Care monitoring kits for every patient

We are here to help you manage all of your patients with conditions such as hypertension, obesity, stroke, coronary artery disease, COPD, diabetes, and many others.

Plug-and-play devices for accurate monitoring

We ship your patients the best-in-class connected devices such as a blood pressure monitor, glucometer, pulse oximeter, and a scale.

Services connect automatically

Patients simply take their readings using one of our connected medical devices and the data is instantly uploaded for care coordinators and providers to monitor.