Verustat SELECT Solutions

Customizable hardware, robust call center support, and advanced technical capabilities make Verustat the preferred choice for decentralized, virtual, and hybrid clinical trials. Only pay for the equipment and services you need.

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Customizable Ecosystem

Our automated RPM platform gives you real-time digital objective data.

Easy-to-use smart devices, such as blood pressure monitors and pulse oximeters, automatically deliver accurate patient information directly to your team via the STAT-Phone Communication Hub.


STAT-Phone Communication Hub puts you in control.

Verustat’s proprietary STAT-Phone Communication Hub allows patients to directly connect with their care coordinators and clinical staff on an exclusive phone line only accessible by providers. Additional features include texting capabilities, remote in, auto update, and automatic pairing with other Verustat devices.

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Verustat lets you SELECT the features you want.

In addition to basic industry standards, take advantage of Verustat’s unique features and capabilities.
Customize to fit your needs – choose as many or as few features as you want.

A single source streamlined solution offering you increased compliance, scalability, customization and accuracy.

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