Finally, a remote patient monitoring platform that works for everyone.

Finally, a remote patient monitoring platform that works for everyone.

Verustat offers your patients accurate care,
saves your team time, and adds to your bottom line.

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Healthier patients
& increased revenue.
That’s good business.

Watch How It Works

We’ll help keep an eye on your patients like you would with our unique at-home monitoring.

Daily monitoring by our remote care coordinators

Our dedicated staff monitors your patients on a daily basis to help them stay compliant and help you qualify for reimbursement.

Check readings in real time

While Verustat’s care coordinators regularly monitor your patients, our HIPAA-compliant online portal and app empower you with complete access to your patients latest biometric data at your fingertips.

Care monitoring kits for every patient

We are here to help you manage all of your patients with conditions such as hypertension, obesity, stroke, coronary artery disease, COPD, diabetes, and many others.

Plug-and-play connected devices

We ship your patients best-in-class connected devices such as a blood pressure monitor, glucometer, pulse oximeter, and a scale.

HIPAA compliant services

Privacy is important. That’s why all aspects of our service are designed to be HIPAA-compliant, including our integrated online care portal and app.

Generate NEW revenue between visits

Payors have incentivized providers to implement remote patient monitoring and have created opportunities to generate new revenue. Verustat can help you capture that revenue.

It’s easy to get your patients on a path to better health.

We set up and introduce your patient to
our HIPAA-secure platform.

We ship the patient’s devices to them
and help with setup.

Our care coordinators will monitor patients
and alert you if necessary.

Our dedicated care coordinators provide daily monitoring, helping keep patients compliant.

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