A pathway to better health for your patients and your business.

A pathway to better health for your patients and your business.

By adding new CPT codes and guidance, payors, including Medicare, have opened up new ways to care for your patients between visits, free up more time for providers to see patients and generate new streams of revenue at the same time.

And Verustat brings it all together for you under our unique remote patient monitoring platform along with our trained care coordinators.

More about reimbursement

Healthier patients & increased revenue. That’s good business.

Keeping your patients reimbursement-compliant while at home is challenging. That’s where Verustat comes in. Our care coordinators communicate regularly with patients helping them maintain compliance so you can achieve maximum reimbursement while providing enhanced patient care.

Patient Codes for Monthly Revenue

CPT 99454

Supply of devices, collection, transmission, and report services


CPT 99457

Initial 20 minutes of
monitoring time


CPT 99458

Each additional 20 minutes of
monitoring time


Recently, RPM services reported under CPT codes 99545, 99547 and 99458 may be billed “incident to” professional services under general supervision, which may be under contract with Verustat. Based on current CMS guidance.

Based on current CMS physician fee schedules.

Reimbursement may change slightly by region.

We make onboarding and ongoing care simple for you… and your patients.

  • You create a care treatment plan for your patient by logging in to our HIPAA-secure platform.
  • We ship your patient the best-in-class devices with everything they need to easily get started, including our proprietary STAT-Phone Communication Hub.
  • Our care coordinators monitor and communicate with your patients regularly, helping them stay compliant, while allowing them to happily stay at home.
  • With our easy-to-use devices, your patients’ data is instantly uploaded to our platform once their readings are completed.
  • If a measurement falls outside of your prescribed ranges, our platform and care coordinator will alert you.
  • Verustat is completely transparent, you can log in to your integrated portal to check your patient’s progress whenever you wish.