The paper, “Six Months of Remote Patient Monitoring is Associated with Blood Pressure Reduction in Hypertensive Patients: An Uncontrolled, Observational Study” found that after 6 months of participation in Verustat’s RPM program, the 50% of patients who were hypertensive when they entered the study, saw an average reduction in MAP of 9mm/Hg (8.3%) and became, on average, normotensive.

“At Verustat our mission is to enable providers to spend less time worrying about managing a practice and spend more time focusing on patient care,” said Emmet Seibels, President of Verustat. “MassCare’s full-service CCM capability is a perfect fit with this vision and is something our existing clients have been asking for. We believe that […]

According to Insider Intelligence, the number of remote patient monitoring (RPM) users in the U.S. will more than double between 2020 and 2025 to 70.6 million. Drastic changes in healthcare over the past few years have sparked a shift toward implementing new care options for patients. Still, some physicians and practices are hesitant to adopt RPM […]

OneHS’s chronic care software will help strengthen Verustat’s commitment to providing physicians with top-tier medical technology to improve patient care while also opening up new revenue streams. The software expansion will allow Verustat to integrate with a practice’s existing electronic medical record system and enable physicians to create automated, customized care plans for a host […]

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) can be extremely helpful in healthcare settings, allowing physicians and nurses to provide care directly to the patient from the comfort of their own homes for an extended period of time. However, due to misconceptions surrounding prior RPM installations and older technologies, they are not as widely adopted as expected. Emmet Seibels breaks down 3 common misconceptions.

Many of us have experienced the vast growth of telehealth and telemedicine over the past few years. Verustat’s COO, Lynda Bolan, and VP of Operations, Samantha Werner, sat down with Authority Magazine to discuss best practices for when your patients are not physically in front of you.

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