Keeping the human element in remote patient monitoring is critical to its success. Dr. Sahgal, founder and CMO of
Essen Health Care out of Bronx, NY, noted in his interview with mHealthIntelligence the importance of our care coordinators.

“It’s human engagement,” Sahgal said. “You don’t have robotic intervention or calls. [The] care management team actually is able to call and talk to the patient.”

Verustat is in a position to start collecting data on the impact of its remote patient monitoring solution on health care costs now that it has more than 45 physician groups signed on, says Emmet Seibels, President and Co-Founder of Verustat. With physicians stretched thin, Verustat is also in the process of enhancing its team of care coordinators, which has completed 142,000 calls in the past 14 months, with registered nurses, Seibels says.

Great stuff from David E. Williams’s HealthBiz Podcast. Dr. Sumir Sahgal shares the story of Essen Health Care and his vision for the future of his innovative urban practice. Verustat is proud to be an important part of Essen’s current and future care model. Remote Patient Monitoring discussion starts around the 14:00 mark (but the whole interview is informative and interesting).

Verustat is proud to be the remote patient monitoring partner for Essen Health Care, helping them to “engage patients…improve the quality of care and lower the cost”.

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