At home

Remote Patient Monitoring

At home

Remote Patient Monitoring

With Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) you can automatically send vitals to your doctor from the comfort of home.

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Benefits of At-Home RPM

Measure At Home

Based on your personal care plan, we have device options to measure blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, weight and/or blood glucose levels from home.

Real-time Readings

We make it easy. Digital readings are stored and automatically sent to your health provider. No more logs or journals!

Daily Monitoring Care

Your provider stays current with your readings and health trends to optimize your personal care plan and make sure you’re doing okay.

RPM may be eligible for coverage by Medicare and commercial insurance. Many patients have no out-of-pocket costs.*

*Medicare (and similar payors) beneficiaries who have at least one chronic condition are eligible to participate.



Daily monitoring by a healthcare provider can lead to improved health. Using digitally connected health and medical devices, we securely transmit your readings to your doctor for assessment, trend tracking, and recommendations for your ongoing care plan. And if a reading goes outside of the doctor’s recommended ranges, a dedicated Care Coordinator will contact you and the doctor for quick intervention, if needed.
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Different people require different devices.
We've got you covered.

Verustat offers a complete solution for remote patient care to monitor conditions such as heart failure, stroke, COPD, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, coronary artery disease, and many more.
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Connect directly with your care professionals with our proprietary hub.

Unique to Verustat, our proprietary STAT-Phone Communications Hub allows you to directly connect with care coordinators and doctors. It also features texting capabilities, remote in, auto update, automatic pairing with other Verustat devices, and automatically transfers your digital readings to your provider. If needed, cell enabled devices are also available.

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Verustat RPM – Proven Effective.

A recent analysis shows hypertensive patients who were compliant with the Verustat RPM program report an average reduction in blood pressure (MAP) of 9% after just 6 months.*

1. A May 2022 analysis of 1079 hypertensive patients on the Verustat RPM program showed average reductions of 9% in SBP, 9% in DBP, and 9% in MAP after just 6 months of monitoring (Starting average BP was 143/79 with MAP 100 decreasing to 131/72 with MAP91).

2. Compliant patients (>16 measurements /month) saw significant decreases across all 3 measurements: a 10% reduction in SBP, a 8% reduction in DBP and a 9% reduction in MAP.