RPM to Enhance and Extend Your Care

Verustat’s RPM solutions seamlessly layer onto your existing practice without placing additional time and resource demands upon physicians and staff.
Have You Ever Said the Following?The Verustat difference
It’s an extra burden on my staff; they are already stretched too thin.Verustat is a full-service offering: compliance, billing, equipment, set up, etc. Our live Care Coordinators function as an extension of your staff.
Maintaining compliance for reimbursement is challenging.
(Ex. checking-in 16+ days per month)
Our live Care Coordinators follow up on missed readings to ensure compliance (a key to reimbursement).
It’s hard to track billable time.Verustat tracks and stores all interactions with a patient.
Getting started takes too much time and effort.Be live in under two weeks! We help you identify eligible patients, as well as call them to obtain consent, set up, and educate.
It’s overwhelming to keep track of all our RPM patients on a daily basis.Our Provider View makes it easy to quickly identify those patients that need immediate attention.
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